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Many people pay more attention to the interior security of their house, but ignore the security of garden. Your garden security is a crucial part of a complete security strategy for your home. If a burglar can gain easy entry to your garden and any cover it provides, without attracting attention, he can then take his time to find a way to overcome the security of your home.
An insecure shed or garage will usually provide him with the tools he needs for the job.
Thieves are targeting gardens for easy pickings of valuable plants, furniture, ornaments etc. and sheds offer expensive equipment, tools and bicycles.
Review your garden security now and take action where necessary, to reduce the risk of burglary and the loss of your valued possessions.

1. Make sure your fences and gates are in good repair or speak to a fencing contractor company about your security needs. Gates should be locked every time. A thorny hedge can be an excellent deterrent and may be all the protection you need around your property.

2. Cut any overgrown bushes or tree branches where an intruder could hide.

3. Photograph valuable garden plants and ornaments and mark your possessions with your postcode. Note the serial numbers of mowers and other valuable equipment.

4.Consider installing a security camera, connected to your TV or computer, to afford a view of your garden, thus enabling you to check on any suspicious noise or activity without personal risk.

5. Fix outdoor garden security lighting - A light activated by a sensor will switch on automatically when darkness falls and switch off when it gets light. This acts as a good deterrent to burglars because your property is lit during the night. Low energy dusk to dawn lighting is cheap to run.

6. Secure your tools in a lockable box or cupboard and use a padlock and chain for ladders.

7. If the garage has a connecting door to your house ensure it is also well protected. Secure all opening windows with key locks, a grill or wire mesh.

8.The prickly bush is an effective security barrier but in return for its pains it demands to be well maintained, not least because of its tendency to attract litter.

9. If you have a burglar alarm, extend it to protect sheds and outbuildings, or use a simple battery operated alarm.



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