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Garden Pond – Safety aspects
A good Garden Pond is a thing of beauty that makes your Garden a better place for you and your family. A Garden must not only be a beauty to look at but at the same time it must be safe for all concerned. Some steps have to be taken to ensure that the Garden Pond is safe and healthy for all. Special care has to be taken with regard to the depth of the Garden Pond if you have toddlers or small pets.

In case you have small toddlers in your House, they should be carefully watched while they are in the Garden and they do not slip and fall into the Garden Pond. Even then it is prudent to plan for any eventuality. You can add a Shelf or Ledge or other leaning Structures around the sides of your Garden Pond so that it provides an easier escape for a child to come out of the Pond by itself. Adding other materials around the edge of the Pond and its side will help in getting out of the Pond more easily.

More than any precaution, it is always better to have a close eye on Children when they are out in the Garden and near the Pond. The moving object like Fishes may tempt them to go near the edge of the Pond and to lean too much into it to have a closer look or a chance to take them in their Hands. This increases their risk of falling into the Pond and getting injured by hitting on the sides of the Pond. This greatly increases the grave danger of drowning in the Garden Pond, and a child can get drowned in just 6 inches of Water.
Just like you wouldn’t let your children swim without a lifeguard or adult supervision,

Next safety factor required will be with respect to the accidental falling due to slipping. You can use a slip resistant material to ensure that smooth edges around your water pond are not so slippery so as to make them a hazard. Another safe step would be to create railings along the walkways.

Even before the beginning of the construction stage, it is better to consult your Local and Municipal Authorities to know about your Plans abiding by your local Building Codes and the requirements as to putting up of any Fence around your Garden Pond.

Though safety norms for your Garden Pond may not be your top priority while starting to build your Pond but it should never be overlooked. So you must plan ahead and provide for the safety well ahead and you'll ensure that your Garden Pond is accessible to everyone in your family and a and a joy for all.

Water Pond Safety:
Who would have thought that a small water garden could be anything but safe? However, a couple of measures of precaution can help ensure that your magical water garden stays safe for everyone, including your goldfish! Remember, that if your water garden is deep enough for goldfish or koi, then its more than deep enough to be dangerous for toddlers.

Here are a couple of things to consider:

Depth of Your Pond:
The ponds edges provide you an opportunity to increase safety around the water pond. Put a shelf or ledge around the sides of your pond that is at least 1 foot deep to provide an easier escape for a child that has fallen in. You may also want to consider placing boulders around the side, which will provide some added leverage for the child to pull themselves out.

Watch Your Children:
Just like you wouldnt let your children swim without a lifeguard or adult supervision, never leave young children unattended around your water garden pond. While the fish will provide enough curiosity, remember that same curiosity may tempt them to get too close to the edge to get a closer look, raising the risk of them falling in, hitting their heads on the edge of the pond, or even drown. A child can drown in less than 6inches of water.

Reduce The Slippage Factor:
Just like your local pool takes preventative action (such as enforcing a no running rule), you can also take action to ensure pond safety. Consider using a slip resistant material to ensure that smooth edges around your water pond are not a hazzard. You may also want to look at creating railings along walk ways. Ask your local building authority on suggestions on how to lower the risk of someone slipping on the edge of your water garden.

Local Building Codes:
During the planning stages of building your water pond, you should have contacted your municipal building authority to ensure that your plans abide by the local building codes. Do you have to build a fence around your water pond (ponds built with a certain depth require fences). How large of an area can your water garden pond be, and what other legal considerations should you make?

Safety is something that normally doesn't immediately pop into your mind when building a water garden pond, however, it should. Its impossible to ensure that your water garden will be completely safe, however, will that be any consolation for your inaction if something were to happen? Plan ahead and you'll ensure that your water garden is accessible and a joy for friends and family alike.



Swimming Pool Fence: A Must Have Accessory

A great number of people have swimming pools installed in their backyards. Many of those
people have at least one child. If that child is too young, a pool can pose a serious or even fatal risk. If this applies to you, you need to equip your pool with a fence. It is not a popular pool accessory, but a lifesaving piece of equipment.

In lots of regions of the United Sates, swimming pool fences are required. Even if you weren’t planning on installing a pool fence, you may soon find out that you are required to.

When it comes to pool fences, there are a large number of different options. Pool fences come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, designs and different sizes.

To research all of these designs, you must begin browsing. Visit your local pool supply store or you can shop online. Online shopping usually offers the largest product selection and it enables to you compare prices easily.

You can buy metal, mesh, wood, or plastic swimming pool fences. If you want a reliable and nice-looking fence, you can buy a metal fence. Metal fences are perfect because they last for a long period of time. Wood fences are eye-catching but most need repairs every few years.

Mesh fences are popular because they are removable. These fences are the only easy-to-remove fences available. If you are going to use a pool fence for a short time, you will benefit from buying a pool fence that can be taken down in a matter of minutes.

Besides pool fences, you can get additional safety equipment, such as pool covers. Some time ago, pool covers were frequently made of lightweight plastic materials. This material could not be considered a lifesaving device. Today, there are many different pool covers that have safety in mind.

Whether you decide to buy a pool fence or you use a strong safety cover, it will protect those living in or around your home.


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