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This site is for those that want to know about fences, the different types of fencing available for residential/domestic Gardens, the styles, choices available to them, the reason for choosing one garden fence over another and how or who to pick to install/erect/build your fence or whether you should do it yourself/diy.



How do I pick the right Fence?

The Pros & Cons between Hand built fences and Panels?

Fencing for Security?

Fences for Dogs

Garden Fences for Children

Pool/Pond Fencing

Residential/Domestic Fence Laws, what are your Rights?


These are just some of the Questions that are answered in our articles.

~ See below for Choosing a Fencing Contractor Company and Links to Our information Advice Articles ~


What you Need to know before Choosing a Fence Installation/Fencing Contractor Company

If you are looking for a Company to provide you with the Correct advice and erect Good Quality Garden Fences from your local region/area, and don't want to waste your hard earnt money,  then you need to read our articles on the right choice of Fence for you, depending on your Circumstances and needs.

This way you are better informed when dealing with these companies, and if you want a High Quality fence to last you Many years then I wouldn't recommend you Install a Fence yourself. The storms we are experiencing around the world are becoming more extreme due to our Climate situation and many people who are opting for the cheap way, i.e Fence panels from the local DIY store or a Cheap, too good to be true Quote from a Fencing Installation Company end up with fences being blown over, sagging etc even in some of the milder storms. At the end of the day, a Fence is an Investment which should provide Security, Enhance your Property & Home and last up to 25 Years or More!

Whether you are installing a new Fence, replacing an old one, or purchasing a Fence for your Home or Business, there are many options available.

So choose a Fence company wisely, most offer Free Quotes so get as many Fencing Contractor Companies to come out as possible.

Don't automatically choose the cheapest, you get what you pay for!

Don't automatically Pick the most Expensive, some Fencing Contractors are more than Happy to Rip you Off!

Some will offer Guarantees, not all of them really do when you need them!

DO research them!


So how do I find a Great Fencing Company & then Choose the right one for me? I hear you ask!


Don't rely on that Yellow or White Directory book you have in your house! I've heard so many horror stories about people trusting the Companies in those books, like the way your Granny trusts the GP without question!

If they offer a free quote, then why not, but you should ask friends, family, Co-workers and neighbours, they may have experienced some of the pitfalls already and be able to recommend a Quality Trustworthy Company

The INTERNET! The best rescource we have at our fingertips and it's Free!

Put a search into Google, for instance:

If you live in the UK, in or around Leamington Spa you might want to put in:


fences leamington spa    

fencing company leamington spa

fencing companies leamington spa

fencing contractor leamington spa

garden fences leamington spa

& so on and select to search within the UK


This will bring up any Fencing companies on Google maps, they are worth looking at as listing your business on Google is a labour of Love, they don't make it easy, so if a company is there it's worth looking at, plus it provides good details and reviews on each company (if the contractor has bothered to include many details, some just list themselves to boost their website traffic, watch out for this!)

Below the Local Google Business Listings are the actual search results:

You will see some companies and companies listed in online Directories.

You should have a look at these listings, they are most likely listed for free and yes many maybe dodgy, but remember if the quotes are free, why not and whilst they're on your property, you can ask them anything, evaluate them, You might be paying them a fair sum for a service, so if you are unsure about anything, ask!

If they are too positive and offer too much (is it too good to be true?) then be wary!

Fencing companies with their own website are really worth looking at as the site itself will tell you a lot about them.

Pick a company with experience, does the website provide plenty of information about them, their work and preferably photographs of their work.

Do they have reviews and can they provide referees?

Do they use good quality materials?

Are they registered with any official bodies who can confirm they are Trustworthy?

Federation of Master Builders

Fencing Contractors Association


To join the above companies, they will have had to pay a lot of money just to be reviewed AND these Businesses HEAVILY vet the prospective company.

So check their websites out, are the Fencing Contractors you've found or been Recommended listed there?

Companies listed with these associations will carry the trustmark/logo on their advert or website, but it's still wise to make sure they are really listed with them!!

Any recommendations you've had, stick the Contractors name into Google and see what comes up, so many people leave reviews these days and there's nothing like seeing genuine recommendations to give you Confidence in a Company.

Above All, just use your Common Sense!!!

Function: Make sure you evaluate what exactly you are installing a fence for. A fence that keeps a dog in the yard can be much different than one that gives you privacy or adds aesthetic value, but you can have both from a good Contractor.

 Fences serve all sorts of purposes from keeping out noise to keeping in kids and everything in between. Knowing what your main purpose in will help to decide what type of fence you will need.

Style: Even if you are adding a fence for purely functional and practical value, you still want your fence to look as nice as possible. After all, your fence is an extension of your home and yard. It should compliment your home and other outside features and also work with the neighborhood. Also, you may want to check and see if there are homeowner association rules for certain types of fence styles.

Cost: Because adding a fence can be a large investment, you should always make sure you are getting what you can afford. There are so many options in fencing that you should be able to get a good fence for a good price. Keep in mind that your fence will help to sell your home should you move and can help ensure maximum return on your investment.

Materials: Options for fencing materials are varied and depend on the type of fence you need, along with the style and budget you have planned out. Fences come in materials ranging from wood, vinyl, PVC, Aluminum, chain link steel, and many more.

If you are interested in finding a good fence in you Area/Region, then you should consider these points and research fencing providers in your area that can meet your needs. The Internet may be the best option to find a Fencing Contractor company near you.




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